About Tiffany

Every artist has a story.....mine is one that is constantly evolving. I began my journey simply. I loved making images of my children. As I began to develop my craft, I started digging deeper. Instead of just wanting to make pretty pictures, I began to work on creating ones that made you feel. Happy feelings mostly. Sometimes silly ones, and always ones that are stationed a bit in fantasy. Photography allows me to create the things that I relish most.

As my career has evolved, being able to share my passion with other photographers has energized me even more. I believe that to grow you need to share. Collaborating with others, whether it be other creatives or my clients, has born some of my best work. Art is an expression of experiences and your view of the world. Learning how to share and create together is one of the pillars of my images.

Storytelling it at the heart of all my images. So what will your story be?

Platform Program:

Storytelling is at the heart of all the images that Tiffany creates. She will help you discover ways to dive into your creativity and express who your clients are in visual imagery.


Tiffany from Munchkins and Mohawks Photography will take you into her world of photographing children and families in the most magical way. We will be teaching you where the light is transcending, making your images beautiful.

We will have a full day of non-stop action and have a few surprises along the way!

Tiffany will show you how and why she see things the way she does, and take your images from portraits to timeless pieces of art. We will walk you through the creative process and keep you constantly inspired. Your imagination will explode and be refreshed into a whole new light after this course.

Not only will you walk away with an amazing portfolio, and new found inspiration, you will also get Lightroom presets from Munchkins and Mohawks Photographer's Tools to process your images to art.

Topics covered
Finding the light
Connecting with clients
Purposeful composition
Whimsical editing
Streamlining workflow
Storytelling drawn from your client's life
Selling your art, begining with the end in mind