About Michael

Michael Stief is a multi-award winning published Photographer and book Author from Munich, Germany. He is an experienced Teacher and Mentor for Photographers, who wish to acquire training and development in the field of modern Maternity Photography. As a Jury Member of the Outstanding Maternity Award and Creator of the international AFNS AWARD, he distinguish and evaluate photographers from the field of Newborn & Maternity Photography, in National and International photography competitions.

"My name is Michael Stief, I was born in Nuremberg, Germany in 1976. After finishing college I travelled around the world as a fashion model. Firstly I emigrated to the USA and worked and lived in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and then Milan, London and Tokyo. Through my work as a model, I obtained a good insight into the work of a Fashion Photographer and discovered a new passion. I learned directly from the best Photographers of our time, and so I found my own style. My work as a Photographer in the fashion industry began as a Photographer for the largest modelling agencies in the USA. With my passion for Photography, I was very much in demand and worked both in front of and behind the camera. At some point I began to take an interest in music, bought a guitar and wrote songs. A new chapter was opened and my life took another interesting turn. I returned to Germany, met the love of my life, my wife today and decided to become a rock star. For eight years I toured with my Band, released three studio albums and DVD’s. We soon acquired a great fan base, lived a rock-n-roll life and were happy. However, despite the fun and craziness of it all, life as a musician was very hard, exhausting and nerve-racking. Happily at this stage my wife and I were about to become first time parents, so a new chapter of REAL LIFE began! My daughter was born and I was a very proud dad. This amazing event led me to discover Newborn and Maternity Photography. I immediately fell in love with this very demanding subject. To date, I have photographed more than 2000 newborns and 1000 expecting mamas-to-be and gained a very high level of experience in this field. Therefore, I would like to impart this knowledge onto others, who wish to specialize in this area of photography, in my Workshops and Seminars"


Pregnant Women want to feel as beautiful and confident in their pictures as Michael Stief makes them look in his maternity sessions.

Join this platform program with a multi award winning international photographer as he shows and teaches you the art of modern and fashion orientated maternity photography. 

Maternity Workshops with Michael Stief are based on the following 4 Basics and Topics. Backlighting Mastering, Simple Studio Maternity , Fine Art Maternity Portraits, Fine Art Nude Maternity.

In order to create beautiful and contemporary Maternity Photography, to learn and master those elements are essential and help the participant take better images of expectant Women.