About Kristen

I graduated college in 2004 with a degree in Business Management. After graduating, I began my career at QuikTrip Corporation where I worked in Human Resources for 5 years. It was after having my son in 2007 that I began my journey in photography. I was completely inspired by my son; all I wanted was nice pictures of him growing up (hence the name Son Kissed.) I began taking photography classes in 2007 and my hobby quickly blossomed into a passion. My Human Resources background has been a great asset to my business as building and maintaining relationships with my clients is very important to me.

In addition to my full-time career as a newborn photographer, I have been teaching fellow newborn photographers from around the world how to properly and safely pose newborns since 2011. I have had the privilege of teaching over 1000 photographers worldwide, in addition to speaking at newborn conferences both nationally and internationally.

In my 9 year career as a newborn photographer I have captured over 2000 babies. I am truly blessed that God has given me this incredible gift.

Platform Program: Learning to photograph for your client, not yourself.

In our industry and with a creative mind, it is so easy to get caught up in the trends. I will walk you through the ways that I have overcome photographing for myself.

Workshop: Maximizing your time during a newborn session.

I will explain step-by-step, using a very formulated method how I pose newborns both efficiently and safely.