About Alba

Alba Soler holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication. After five years of experience in the advertising sector she decided to immerse herself completely into photography, specializing in children's photography with the grand-opening of Alba Soler Photography Boutique in the historic center of Xàtiva, Valencia.

Alba has trained hundreds of professional photographers in Spain, Mexico, Argentina and the United States, and has been a speaker at well known Spanish-speaking photography events in Spain, Mexico and Argentina.

Her unique style of photography has become well known in the field of Catholic communions to which she has contributed her original vision.

With an absolute adoration for her work, Alba dedicates every day to grow and improve in order to offer her clients a professional service and some fairytale images that they can treasure forever.

Platform Program: Creating Worlds - Creative Photography

Photography should make us feel things, that is the role a photographer has when he is hired by a client, create images that, apart from their aesthetic value, awaken emotions in those who observe them. Through the worlds that we create in our images we are able to make the spectator dream and and show them to the corners of our imagination. The photo of Catholic communions will undoubtedly be the memory of a very specific moment for a Spanish family but it does not have to stay there, we can also have fun and propose creative alternatives that surprise our client.